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You're best friend is getting married right? ok, maybe they aren't "that" good of a friend, either way, someone is getting married and he/she has absolutely no need for that fancy butter dish on the registry, but you know what they could use? A Fire Condom! It's literally the best a hand can get! Don't you want to be remembered for thinking ahead?

I mean, anyone can pick up a name engraved waffle iron, but few give a gift that lasts and lasts. Fire Condom is specifically designed to be a one size fits most kind of product. Some are larger and some are much much smaller, but Fire Condom will slide right into place no matter who it's on. From the second anyone slips on the ultra ribbed unit, they won't even know what happened. They'll have the most comfortable and effective protection this side of the Mississippi, maybe even the other side too!

The important thing to remember is that we all need to be safe! So even if you don't have a wedding/BBQ/camping trip/lake trip/bachelor party/office party/christmas party/adult party/plan to eat any meals that involve heat/or any other reason you could poosibly think of to buy a Fire Condom, buy it anyway.

We do have to warn you though, it will not protect against unplanned pregnancy or STDs....mainly because it's a glove and not a condom, even though condom is in the name. It should not be used in the bedroom....unless you're lighting candles, then we could see some very applicable situations. Let us help you erect your personal barrior of protection with the Fire Condom!


Extreme Heat Resistant Glove

Fire Condom will improve performance for the self-declared pit boss or even the 'dumpster fire' at the grill.

It will bring excitement back to the kitchen and warm up those frosty nights around the campfire. While we may not be able to guarantee it will improve every aspect of your wait, we think it will!

Did Someone Say Endurance?

Unlike that other kind of protection, our Fire Condom glove is a trusty companion for more than just 30 seconds, ready to add safety to your sizzling encounters and even brave enough for bedroom adventures where candle-lighting may lead to unexpected reenactments of Back Draft.

It Can Handle the Heat, Can You?

You may say to yourself, can this thing really handle the heat? Let's just say that you are not likely to encounter a situation where the Fire Condom’s 932 degree rating is really tested. It is a proven fact that a significant other - even when their face is red and they’re yelling - will not reach a temperature above 466 degrees. So there again, you have twice the coverage you need!

You Can't Even Tell It's On

You may think, will a glove with all that sleek styling, 932 degree protection and a ribbed thumb really be comfortable and flexible enough for me to enjoy using? Is it really EN407 certified with Aramid Fiber construction (the same stuff in those sexy firemen outfits)? Will this glove help those who feel inadequate in some very personal ways? The answer to each is an emphatic, Yes!

We Do Have To Warn You

Fire Condom is not to be used as a contraceptive. Fire Condom is designed as a gag gift and will not protect against stupidity, STDs, or any type of unplanned pregnancy. Please note that although Fire Condom is a gag gift, it does work as a heat resistant glove and is EN407 certified for up to 932 degrees.

Seek medical assistance for those wearing the glove for more than 4 hours, or if they begin to ..... oh wait, that’s for something else....nevermind.

Customer Reviews


I bought the Fire Condom for a friend's birthday party and it was a hit! Everyone loved the concept and it made for some great laughs. Plus, it actually works as an oven mit!

The Fire Condom is a fantastic gag gift that actually works! It's hilarious and functional at the same time. Highly recommend!


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At Fire Condom, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not happy with your Fire Condom, we offer a hassle-free refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Please read our refund policy below for more details.

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