Explore our wide range of one (1) unique and fun accessory that will add a bucket load of humor to your everyday life. From our heat resistant Fire Condom to our...heat resistant Fire Condom, we have the same thing for everyone. Get ready to protect yourself with a twist of laughter!

Meet our team

Fire Condom burst into existence thanks to the ingenious minds of a father-son duo. Under a blanket of stars and the crackling heat of a campfire, an idea ignited that would change the game in heat protection. The spark? An unforgettable night of campfire banter and postum sips, where a shared laughter at a heated mishap morphed into a brainwave. Taking their ember of an idea and fanning it with their collective creativity, they crafted the Fire Condom. Not just your average heat-protective glove, but a humorous symbol of protection that everyone could benefit from.

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